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Nissan Combines JUKE and GT-R to Create Super Crossover

The latest concept from Nissan mixes two very bold ideas to create the ultimate compact crossover. The revolutionary and eye-catching JUKE shape will blend with the sporty GT-R to test the public's reaction to an extremely sporty crossover.

This single-production concept will look like a Nissan JUKE with an addition of flared wheel arches, re-sculpted front and rear bumpers, and a split rear wing. The interior will transform into a car that's meant...

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Future Technology from Nissan

Ever wanted to control your car with your mind?  Well, vehicles like the Nissan Altima may soon be able of reading your mind.


Nissan has joined forces with cole Polytechnique Fdrale de Lausanne (EPFL) to research "Brain Machine Interface" (BMI) concepts. The idea allows disabled people to maneuver wheelchairs by thought transference. Nissan hopes to convert this project for use in cars, so that disabled drivers (and able bodied ones) can drive telepathically.


"The Nissan and EPFL collaboration is developing systems that go to the next stage using statistical analysis to predict a diver's intentions and to…

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